Alter Ego (english)

Welcome to Alter Ego's web site!

Alter Ego is the roleplaying association of the University of Helsinki. We have provided both newcomers and seasoned veterans a welcoming place to indulge in their roleplaying hobby and its academic side effects since 1994.

Our current club room can be found from Mechelininkatu 3D, near Domus Gaudeam, at the so-called Cat Cluster. There is a bell at the door you can ring to enter.

Through the year we have a club night every Tuesday from 18 o'clock onwards. In addition to this, another recurring event is a Playing, Partying and Pickings (PPP) weekend about once a month, where people have more time to play longer games that might not be possible during regular evenings. Every now and then we'll also do table parties, movie excursions, saunas, foam fencing or light LARPs according to the interests of our members.

Usually we have a few tabletop roleplaying games running in the club nights where you can easily jump in. There is also lots of activity with board games, collectible card games, miniature games and what not. Come take a look!

CORONA TIME addendum:

Activities will be held at the clubroom in accordance to hygiene recommendations, check the events page.

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